We’re J&J Meal Preparation, a company created with love by partners, Jay and Josie. We strive to provide healthy, convenient, and delicious food to our customers to assist them in reaching their health and fitness goals. Our meals provide balanced macronutrients and are a cornerstone for the creation and maintenance of a sustainable lifestyle. We want to show the world that its possible to eat passionately and plentifully while still staying on track with your goals.

AnneMarie’s Italiano is a young company with old school Italian food deriving from our time-honored family recipes. We provide delicious Italian flavors in all of our dishes ranging from small appetizers to large meals. We customize dishes based on the customers wants and needs and also offer vegan and gluten-free options. We work closely with our customers, focusing on individual preferences to make the process seamless and enjoyable for our clients.

Jerk Wings Cafe offers a catering menu that can be delivered directly to you. Whether you are planning a wedding, cocktail party, private dinner, fundraiser, small conference or a gathering of your closest friends, Jerk Wings Cafe can cover your food preparation and delivery needs.We take pride in our customer service and offer only the best meals, prepared with the freshest ingredients. We are a licensed food service provider, all of our meals are prepared in a professional, commercially licensed kitchen, inspected by the Health Department. Our staff is trained and certified by ServSafe National Restaurant Association.

Brisket, Inc. has developed a patented computerized smoker oven that automates the barbecue process and allows for easy, fast cooking to lower costs and create a consistent, delicious barbecue every time. Under the brand Brisket Stop, the Company is launching a unique California-based fast-casual BBQ fusion franchise model via in-line stores and mobile kitchens. The “magic” Brisket Stop oven delivers consistency cycle after cycle, day after day, and year after year.

Canteen 34 is a Californian eatery influenced with rich and flavorful cuisines of Aegean, Mediterranean, and European home cooked meals with seasonal, fresh ingredients. We also cater to any and every size event, from fine foods to corporate affairs, to family holidays and gatherings. Our catering menu is prepared fresh daily, from only the finest ingredients; we assure a beautiful presentation, delivered with exceptional quality and care.

Ensaymada Project specializes in Filipino brioche, a pastry with Spanish origins. The cool thing about it is we added a twist to the basic cheese, sugar, buttered version and added flavors familiar everyone. Oreo, red velvet, cookie crumble, cinnamada, maple bacon, to name a few. They come in half and whole dozens, and are usually served during “noche buena,” the eve of Christmas. Because of its popularity, these ensaymadas are available year round.

Growing up in a big family there was no such thing as a "small get together". From birthday parties to family dinners - no event had less than 20 hungry mouths to feed! Out of all these wonderful family events, everyones favorite meals and experiences were had when Aunt Juliette threw the party. She had a way of making ordinary meals special. Her attention to detail, personal touches, and delicious foods inspired us to open Juliette Rose Catering. We hope to bring a little bit of Aunt Juliette and her magic to every event we cater and in doing so, honor the legacy of a very special woman.

Chef Ryan Rondeno has a passion for French, Italian and Regional American Cuisine. Daily he introduces his clients to new cuisine with his focus on local, sustainable cuisine with a strong emphasis on bold flavors. Chef Rondeno continues to revamp his own style of cooking with the love of New Orleans cuisine and fresh California flavors. Rondeno Culinary Designs is here to give you a unique experience with exceptional cuisine with dinner parties, corporate events, meal prep services, and popup events. Rondeno Culinary Designs also has a product line that fits your everyday cooking needs.

We founded Smoodies when we realized that we have a lot in common — we’re both passionate about health and natural, wholesome ingredients as well as rich, varied flavors from around the world. We also share some common challenges that come with being mothers and wives: limited time to buy groceries, cook and manage a household.

Our style reflects a long-time love of scary stories, horror movies, monsters, and madmen, as well as all creepy things that go bump in the night. While most people would turn to ethereal settings and pastel palettes to celebrate life's milestones, our desire to paint things black takes us off the beaten path. We love brides that opt for leather and lace on their wedding day. We thrive on collaborating with clients who's macabre humor mirrors our own. And with our eclectic flavor choices, we show the world that the dark side has a sweet side.

J&M’s Chimichurri was originally crafted by our mother in Argentina during the 1950’s, using only the freshest ingredients. From a Sunday afternoon “asado” to a family night spent around the table, chimichurri has always been an essential part of Argentine cuisine. We are now honored to share our mother’s cherished recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Fresh baked goods @the farmers market: Los Angeles, California Saturday 10-2 la brea & 2nd st @sweetgreens Look for us at the Brentwood Farmers Market on Sundays starting in 2019 Sundays 10-2 Melrose Place between Orlando & La Cienega Blvd. Mind blowing, game changing sourdough. Gluten-Free, Gum-Free, Soy-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan.

Since 1999, Pauline Marasek has been stirring up a loyal fan base for her delicious, handmade treats. A former 80’s rock band singer, Pauline took her family’s traditional brittle recipe and turned it into a bonafide hit among confection lovers in Southern California, the U.S. and around the world. Pecan Brittle, Chocolate, Fudge, Caramel Pecan Popcorn and more.



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